Coming To Our Senses With a Greater Sense of Awareness

A tree without its roots in the Earth is like a man disconnected from his senses ~ Merely a piece of wood!
A tree without its roots in the Earth is like a man disconnected from his senses ~ Merely a piece of wood!

Our humanness is always with us, the only disconnection we have from it when we suffer some sort of neurological set back, a mental illness or disorder, which shuts down or alters how we see, feel and act within the ‘reality’ of whatever our brain perceives it to be in its new and disordered state. We don’t change, our brain changes us. All that set against a spiritual connection, which can also be argued to be with us at all times, but can be over-ruled by those sense-fed neural transmissions from our brain. I’m not trying to say that our brains are more powerful than our inner spirit, but the fact is, no matter how spiritual you may be you have as much chance of suffering from a debilitating illness, disease, nutritional issues  or physical/mental disability as someone who has absolutely no spiritual beliefs at all.

Maybe I’ve digressed a bit but my point is that to be able to live as well and as healthy as we can (with or without a disability of any kind), we need to connect and come to our senses with a greater awareness of what they are showing and telling us in their own separate as well as combined languages. In doing so we stand a better chance of looking after our mental and physical well being as well as creating the awareness of being the very best for ourselves and others. Aware of how we can help, in whatever small way, to bring our own growing awareness and its fruits of knowledge into the world. The more I do my own research the more I see of those who claim to have awareness and understanding when in fact all that they are preaching with their rhetoric comes from an uneducated-self. They copy and paste what they find without checking the authenticity of the original source.  authentic-message Thankfully my research has also shown me many others who have taken up the challenge and like lone voices are bringing their genuine knowledge to people’s needs. They’re bringing their life experiences into view for all to see and learn from. However with support, these voices will no longer simply be isolated, stand alone pioneers of awareness. These are the people, the experts I now talk to, follow on social-media and elsewhere. These are the people who are expanding my senses, bringing awareness to subjects, opportunities and events that I would previously disregard as irrelevant or unworthy of further self-investigation.

My senses are becoming more receptive, the neurological highways of my brain are tingling with creativity and wanting to know more; my perceptions carry more clarity and understanding.  A shift, an awakening; No! An understanding of and through my humanness that even those sensual gardening posts written such a short time ago are no longer how I see, feel, hear, smell and taste the world today. Like a garden that grows and develops, my curiosity is being nurtured and flourishing too. 

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