Feel Starved of Positive Energy? ~ You May Need Re-Potting!

Pot Bound

The more I garden, read about Nature and connect deeper with all of its life-giving energies I feel more and more the correlation between how we live both individually with and as an integral part of everyone and within everything around us. The deeper we go with-in the more conscious awareness we experience of the Universe, Nature and the environment (including relationships) we place ourselves in. You can’t escape it, you’re in it ….. you are it!

When the plants in my garden get pot-bound they begin to look bedraggled, lethargic and stop producing their usual growth of vibrancy and wellbeing. So what do I do? As any gardener, amateur or professional would do; I pot them on giving them space to spread their roots and enable them to take up vital nutrients, water them well and in a few days or weeks they are back to their dynamic and energetic best. They gain a renewed desire to produce new roots, shoots, leaves, buds and flowers; to do what they were created to do.

Just like those pot bound plants choking on their own constricted roots we too can strangle ourselves, becoming stagnated, lacking energy and losing our passion to do what we love to do and our desire to achieve what we want to have and become. We turn into a state of dormancy during the wrong season of our life and become out of touch with our natural internal and external rhythms which can often lead us into depression, lethargy, illness and even attract diseases; just as an unhappy plant attracts pests and diseases of its own kind. Unless we re-pot ourselves and create that space to grow and take in fresh healing nutrients (more on that in a moment) we will continue to contaminate ourselves and eventually most of those around us too.

Multi-Purpose Compost

The nutrients I talk of take many forms, the obvious one is food but apart from eating healthier, eating the right types of food, the ones that serve us best (we all have differing needs) there are other factors that contribute to our overall human-performance. Different plants need different soil, light and temperatures to thrive; their environment needs to be ‘at one with them and them with it’ and so do we! The nutrients that will make the biggest difference to our feeling of wellbeing can be discovered by some self-investigation and making changes to the things that no longer serve us. I shan’t go into any of these things here, they are known to all of us well enough; the relationships in every area of life, work/play balance, home/work environment, exercise/quiet balance, spiritual beliefs, or any other of the many aspects that affect our everyday living as I’m sure you’re all ‘getting where I’m coming from’ and there are plenty of more qualified resources around than me that can help you with anything I may have mentioned that specifically resonates with you.

(Yes, even our spiritual/religious/life beliefs can screw us up if we get too intense and reliant on them. Trust me on that one, I’m an expert!)

In fact I highly recommend that you do at least chat with a ‘qualified’ expert whether it be your G.P. a specialist or therapist of mainstream medicine or holistic/alternative healers of any kind before embarking on any drastic changes of and on your own. But the basics such as ‘re-potting’  yourself can be started straight away and are really the foundations of your self-investigation. Trying new experiences, testing the water as it were, by creating the space you need to renew your powers of growth and expand your horizons from the ‘pot’ you’ve confined and restricted yourself in for perhaps far too long. I’ve been dabbling and tweaking many aspects of my life lately and testing things until my physical body and internal communication system let me know if what I’m doing is the right thing for me. If it’s right I continue to do more of it, if it’s not I discard it (for now) but keep the knowledge gained from it to move on. 

Potted Up

I’ve been fortunate during my own re-potting, I have an endless supply of pots and compost of varying types as there’s always more growth and awareness to work on. But more importantly I have a loving and supportive family, even if they don’t always understand or totally agree with what I get up to they stand by me, a great G.P. some exceptional ‘specialist’ hospitals close by, a host of amazing new-found friends as well as a guide and mentor I trust and believe in. ~ For everyone in my ‘potting shed’ I feel blessed and eternally grateful!

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