Introvert by nature – Conscious extrovert In-Nature

Eternal Energy

“As a person I have the nature of an introvert but in Nature I become a conscious extrovert who loves to share his experiential journey of self-discovery.

You will seldom find me at parties or ‘with the crowd’, not because I dislike people or having fun. It’s merely a preference for being with small groups of like-minded people where there is time to think and breathe; to share opinions without needing to shout or be shouted down as always being wrong. I’ve been wrong many times, I accept that as well as I accept that I’ll be wrong many time more. I prefer to be guided rather than led and learn from my own experience rather than rely on other people’s personal ‘right ways’ of doing things. Like Nature I bend, grow and occasionally get snapped into two (or more) by the changing seasons of life, and like Her I prefer to do it in my own time and space.

But …… whenever I am grounded and in alignment with Nature or the times when I’m ‘in the zone’ and writing as I am right now; I can  feel a vibrant creative energy flowing through my whole being. Everything I see, feel, touch and smell comes alive with a freshness of sensations never felt before; yet know and remembered from someplace now lost in space and time. The Home of Spirit, Love and Conscious Awareness.


At these times the true inner being-ness of every creature, plant and landscape is connected in a completeness that shares it’s Spirit of Oneness with the Universe. Each breath is felt as being a message of awareness like a layer of the past, present and future is present and being drawn deep inside of my physical being; bringing the duality of heart and mind into a place of peace and harmony. Then through my own actions and interactions with those around me it is released back into the world to just as Nature Herself releases and shares Her life-giving creative energies. Each pure breath of life is my inner creative-self awakening like the break of a new day as it’s light and warmth expands within and around me.

This connectivity is like plugging into a vibrant living life force, a stream of flowing wellbeing, of self-trust, love and acceptance that all is as it should be in each fleeting moment as the identity of my authentic spiritual energy reveals it’s many facets of humanness in the form of love, compassion and forgiveness. To share this powerful energy through my own conscious writing is to extend that moment by sharing it with others I will never know or meet, yet connected with them through the conscious energy of my words for as long as it echoes through the space and time of each and every new moment yet to come and …. from introvert by nature to Conscious extrovert In-Nature.

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