New Life Created By Death


New life created by death, a strange thing to grasp but it is happening all around us to see, examine and consider. The universe we live in was created from the death of another, the Big Bang must have been the death of something, perhaps the re-creation of what or whoever we choose to call God. This chain of death creating life has brought us through a continuous process of being who we all are today. If you have any type of belief of the ‘Oneness’ that binds each of us together and also connects us with all that is, then that belief was born out the same natural evolution. These thoughts have always been with me but they have only been that, mere thoughts, unconsidered or nurtured. But whilst spending a cold and frost hardened morning in the garden it occurred to me that natures transition from death to life and life to death is a part of this continuous process.

Working or simply walking in nature is transitional in itself, bringing calmness to an otherwise turbulent world, making space for thought and creativity to develop and this particular morning was no exception. Moving amongst the plants I was amazed at how life and death were working in a oneness I hadn’t perceived before. The new shoots on the ‘sedum’ had been there from late summer, in transition yet dormant, and the old growth was standing like broken limbs emerging from the debris of Autumn. Death was protecting and feeding the shoots of life as was happening everywhere in the garden. Reflecting on what I had seen and felt allowed me to come to terms with death on a level I hadn’t reached before. It is now clear to me that death is not to be feared for there is always a new life created from it. The physical body may not survive but like the ‘sedum’ shoots the conscious mind and soul will live on. Probably on a different level of consciousness and I wont pretend to understand the wheres and hows about life after death because I don’t. All I know is that new life is created by death, I have seen it, and you and I are all a part of the process.

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