The Message Is In The Silence


The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between. ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Without silence there would be confusion, it is the periods of silence that we place in our speech, writing and music that gives it structure and makes it comprehensible. As a form of communication silence definitely speaks louder than words! There is a period of transition between sound and non-sound, a magical calmness that can fill us, if we choose to allow it to, with a moment of awe and wonder. Those few seconds of pure silence at the end of a symphony before the audience breaks out in applause or when the blackbird has sung his last evening note heralding the darkness and peace of the night. How powerful that silence must have been when the 1st World War guns fell silent, that moment between the stillness of the air and the first faint sound of bird song and the cheers of men.

We use grammar to place silence in our writing, pauses in our speech and rests within musical scores, all for emphasis, to give it a specific meaning so it is understood by all that see and hear it. We should also use an unwritten grammar in our lives, breathing spaces where we can listen to our inner-silence, to distance ourselves from the hubbub of our minds and outer being. In the outside world we consider silence to be a state of non-vibration, a vacuum in which nothing can be seen, heard or felt. However if we too become silent we are able to retune our frequency to one of peace and calm and this frequency is particularly vibrant when we are with-in nature. This space is where the knowledge we need to enable us to know our true selves and understand others is located, it’s where the message is in the silence.

Enter the silence and enjoy!

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