A Narrative of Nature and Sensuality


Walking out of our perceptions of reality, the expected that our brains expect, and into the realms of the unexpected we engage with our senses in an ever increasing awareness of their power and of the multi-dimensional world we live in.

The morning mist unfolds like a grounded cloud as it clings to to the landscape of the estuary; diffusing the light of the sun rising in the West into a oneness of North, South, East and West. All direction is lost to the shoreline walker. Beneath his bare feet the landscape, neither water nor earth, shifts in its dampness with each step. But where was he heading, towards the firmness and safety of the land or out into danger towards the incoming tide? His senses were being cloaked and his brain confused, unable to tune into the crackling static it received; no memories to cling to, no images to project onto the landscape of the mind. It was becoming as lost as the shoreline walker was being to feel. Standing, motionless, sightless and sense-less he considered his options, bombarding his neural pathways with thoughts of hope, fear and disorientation.

  • Wait for the mist to clear? ~ No, that might be too late to avoid the ravenous tide!
  • Wait for the tide to trickle around his feet? ~ No, he would get sucked into the quicksand like ground already clinging coldly to his feet and hold him there without mercy!
  • Walk in a circle, groping with his toes to detect signs change beneath his feet. The drier firmness of a pathway to freedom? ~ No, in this land of no-direction he wouldn’t know if he was walking in a circle into the jaws of a water end!

Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste alone were not enough to bring order to the chaos around him. Mixed messages filled the air in a symphony of unfamiliar yet recognisable sensations. Recognisable like a half remembered tune, stuck in the brain until something in a single unfelt moment clicks into place releasing and embracing a greater power of awareness and understanding; a sensual evolution. A sixth sense emerging from the mists of cognitive misunderstanding, a sense of the here and now starting to plant seeds of a higher awareness and clarity. The mists of his neurological  landscape began to clear whilst remaining in the physicality surrounding him. Fear was replaced by calmness, a calmness that only fully engaging with his own sensuality could bring.

He couldn’t walk in a circle but he could turn in one and sense each point whether North, South, East or West. At each turn he could smell and taste the air, feel changes in the atmosphere carried on any wisp of breeze that may land upon his skin and listen for any clue of land or sea….. danger was over there where the tangy saline mix of salt and water mingled in the mist. The sting of iodine emerging from the seaweed clinging to the safety of the shoreline was in that direction. That brief hint of warmth that stroked his cheek yet made him shiver could only have come from the earth and not the chill of an incoming sea with its crisp bite. A swirling of wings combined with the honking echoes of geese as they headed to their morning inland feeding grounds was the final telltale sign.

The stillness had awaken the unfamiliar until it had became recognisable as a friend to lean on, to trust and guide him to the security of Terra-Firma, of solid earth …. the sensuality of Home! 

NB: Before venturing out into nature please take the time and effort to learn as much as you can about the landscape beforehand. It’s weather patterns, tide times and levels, etc..  Train your senses, heighten your awareness and always pack your common sense where you can easily find it. Nature is magnificent in it’s beauty but merciless in it’s actions!

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