How Conscious Writing Has Led Me to Freestyle Gardening


Using Julia McCutchen‘s Conscious Writing process has changed many aspects of my life, of course it has altered the way I go about preparing and creating my writing and I now truly believe that it comes from the inner-authentic Steve more than it ever did before. The wonderful thing is that I can feel it continuing to grow and develop. By connecting to and allowing my intuitive creativity to release itself without forcing it to be what ‘I think’ it should be my true voice is emerging; which also expands into my outer life experiences and my relationships with them. All of which brings me to the topic of my garden and allowing the fruits of Nature to work alongside my own vision board of the naturalistic world I want to live in and be a partner with.

Freestyle Garden

My intimate friends will be aware that this is normally the time of year that I start to talk non-stop about my gardens progress as I go through the annual early summer event of turning my ‘thoughts’ into reality by turning the chaos of Winter and the regeneration of Spring into the order of things to come. But this year is different, I can’t do that. Oh I can chat away about my gardens progress all right; but I cannot boast of any endeavours of self-creativity in what they show. Mother Nature stopped me right in my tracks. She sat me down, showed me the signs and I eventually saw and understood them. Whilst I’ve been concentrating on my own writing development I’ve neglected the usual imagined development of my garden and it was really only a few days ago that I went out into it armed with fork, spade and trowel with ‘thoughts’ of magical transformations. I arrived, surveyed the work to be done and sighed a deep and uneasy sigh that only gardeners can give when confronted by the war zone confronting them in their borders. In my absence Nature had been weaving its own creative energies and as I started to roll up my sleeves in a workman like fashion the signs began to appear that led me to match my Conscious Writing processes with what for me was an even bigger challenge to my gardening ego and take on the mantle of Freestyle Gardener as well.


Due to the chaos (sigh) of unordered vegetation; plants wandering into spaces I didn’t want them venturing into, ‘so called weeds’ appearing all over the place and untidied left over debris covering what ought to have been well worked soil the local wildlife had token over. Creatures great and small were loving the abundance of natural food sources and shelter and I couldn’t work without disturbing them whilst destroying their new-found natural habitat. Fledgling birds were busily learning to feed themselves while the parents watched on, interrupting occasionally to give a quick avian tutorial. There were more Bee’s, Hoverflies and other pollen seeking insects than I’ve ever seen at this time of year before, mainly of course feeding on ‘those weeds’, whilst the undergrowth was brimming over with bugs and beetles feasting on whatever it is that bugs and beetles feast on; and I hope the eggs of every gardeners arch-enemy … slugs.

Freestyle Gardening 2

So you see, Nature stopped me, She made me become still enough to appreciate and get to know the chaos around me and to allow it to ‘simply be’ and to enjoy it for what it was. Of course just like my Conscious Writing the time will come for some editing but until that time arrives some gentle tidying, lots of pleasure and some gentle creative tidying of this rediscovered landscape is all that is need.

Procrastination a problem? ~ I recommend that you give Freestyle Gardening & Julia McCutchen’s Conscious Writing process a try and it will weed out procrastination from many aspects of your life!

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