Freestyle Gardening ~ Living (Update)

Freestyle gardening update

I recently wrote about how the Conscious Writing process I’m going through led me to stop trying to make the perfect garden and go freestyle, hand in hand with Nature; and as I think and hope you’ll agree these photo’s taken in my garden a couple of days ago back up the fact that it’s working!

However there’s more to these pictures than first meets the eye. Yes they show a colourful and in my opinion attractive garden but what is hidden from view is the hard work that went into it over a long period of time. Like everything we try to achieve the groundwork has to be put in before we can sit back a bit and start to reap the benefits. No matter whether it’s your career, sport, spiritual awakening, healing or just a hobby you love to do like gardening, preparation is the key to success. That and help and support when needed; medical, spiritual, business or training of whatever sort  you may need, never be afraid to ask for it or seek it out. I admit to have being a ‘I know best’ sort of guy but I have now accepted that I ‘don’t know it all’ and once you do that a great pressure is released and you can relax more into a ‘freestyle life’ of appreciation and

acceptance ofDSC00494 who and what you are as well as who and what you can become. You drop the weight of always having to be right from your shoulders …. feels great!

Of course even freestyle gardening (living) needs the work to continue, but it gets easier, it becomes your ‘norm’ and you let go of trying to achieve perfection at the first, second or even third try and allow the process to guide and steer you towards it. You may never reach perfection but you wont produce all that negative energy simply because things didn’t work out as your minds eye showed you it would. Instead you’ll begin to laugh at those little failings, look upon them as lessons and become more positive as you work your way through them in the knowledge that each step is how it’s meant to be for you and the universe (life) is working on ‘your-behalf.’  This freestyle attitude is bringing those steps into many aspects of my own life as I’m sure it will yours too if you feel like giving it a try.

What is it doing for me? ~


It has improved my health, given me a better acceptance and appreciation of those around me, after all they’re only doing their own thing in their own particular freestyle way, as well as my own failings which gives me the awareness, opportunity and desire to work on turning them around from negatives into positives. I’ve swapped the age old question of fear and regret of ….. “what if I had done this or that,” into one of conscious creativity of “what if I try this?” It gives you the ability to express your authentic self and speak in your authentic voice, provided that is that you continue to do the work; the ‘deadheading’, pulling of occasional weeds and trimming the lawn are all tasks that still need to be carried out. But for me they have become things to look forward to, relaxing exercises of pure enjoyment instead of challenges. All of which I carry out in my spare time without interfering with physically and spiritually ‘living life’ the freestyle way.

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