Sensual Gardening ~ Conclusion …. or is it!


Writing about our senses and how we connect with, use and develop them has been a powerful lesson for me and although I want to share this conclusion to the series with you, it isn’t a conclusion at all. It can’t be, because as in so much else in life; whether it be a spiritual journey or an awareness of our humanness, it never has an ending. The only conclusion can be death and even then  …. well, who truly knows! So this is a topic that I can see myself returning to again and again because having just re-read my posts I can see that with the awareness I had at the time of writing I haven’t done them the justice they deserve!  As I learn more and more about how our senses make us who we are, how we behave and how we, via our brains, perceive ourselves, others and the world about us the more I begin to pick up the threads and reach an understanding rather than the previously held restricted perception of how we function as the bodies of physical and mental energies we all are.

By training ourselves to use our senses to their fullest in as many of the given moments we are blessed to live and breathe in we can develop our perceptions of what being a human-being really is and discover new insights into what being-ness truly holds for us. For myself it has brought the realisation that I am and have been for most of my life using my (for want of a better phrase) powers of sensual-observation-awareness at a very basic level. It has made me aware that the connection I have with Nature has more to do with sensual connection than of being a spiritual one. That’s not to say that I have lost my spirituality, quite the reverse, I have grown more spiritually aware through a ‘coming to my senses’ rather than arriving at yet another self-perceived ‘spiritual awakening Aha moment’ which I’ve written so much about before.

When you take the time to examine how each of our senses works individually as well as together to send signals to our brains, which based on our memories of past experiences gives us the picture we call our vision of the world you will surely begin to see that by developing our senses we can paint a bigger, better, bolder version of that picture. If we continuously do that our brains will also paint bigger, better and bolder memories for us to use in our moments of need. Especially those moments when we need a boosting surge of energetic wellbeing flowing through us. Those time of illnesses, loss, self-betrayal or when we’re simply having a really bad day can surely be turned around by using the unlimited potential of our senses. I use the word unlimited because in my opinion it is only our present perceived knowledge of how to use those beneficial energies to heal ourselves at many levels of life (allied to modern and traditional medicines) that is holding us back from reaching our full potential.


Fortunately things are changing, more people who already have the awareness of how to use these energies are stepping forward and sharing their knowledge, whether that be from their own personal experiences, talents, learning, observations or a combination of all of those things. Healthy lifestyles, eating the right foods, and physical and mental exercise are given a whole new meaning, or ‘food for thought and the brain’, as they share their knowledge of how to stimulate rather than dull our minds and bodies with us.  We learn from them that all of those things enhance our senses and it is that heightened sense of smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch that opens the doors to a greater and more powerful ‘sense of wellbeing’ and perhaps to discovering other senses beyond todays average awareness. This is why I can’t truly call this post a conclusion, it’s a perpetual work in progress that we all need to self-experience as the individual bodies of energy we are.


All I can recommend to you for now is to go ahead and do your own research into the neuroscience of those eternal questions of ‘who, what and why?’  Get out and about in nature, plant some seeds and nurture them. Fully sense your food, the music you listen to, the people around you and every other experience that comes your way and you will start to feel the vibrational stirrings of those infinite sensual energies for yourselves. 

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