Don’t Try To Be Special ~ You’re Already Special

Garden Being Special

It’s funny how just being and doing the simplest of things, especially in Nature, that the greatest appreciation of how special life is. The lesson I re-learned (for I have forgotten it far too many times) today was that you need not try to be special, you already are special. You just have to grasp that thought for a few moments and allow yourself to accept the truth that so many of us are afraid accept, we are all special. Don’t force it, it’s already there to be seen and felt by others. Give yourself permission to see and feel it for yourself.

How did this lesson re-enter my life; gardening, no surprise to most of you there!  Whilst spending a lovely almost Autumn type of morning in my garden, simply pottering around and tidying up after the heavy rain of yesterday the thought took over every other thought floating through my mind. There was no blinding light nor choir of angels, just the vibrations of nature echoing through me until I took notice of them. It was if the garden was saying Thank You to me in it’s own unspoken vocabulary. At this time of year my garden is not at it’s prettiest best, but in it’s transition between seasons it was simply being as best it could, and was still being ‘special.’ As for me, well I never look my best when gardening, but my appearance is not trying to impress, I simply give of myself in my own ‘special’ way, in the best way I know how.  My garden is special to me and in a lot of ways I am special to it in the different ways that I connect with Nature. But neither I nor Nature attempt to be special, we just are, by being who and what we are in our simplest and purest forms. Both physical and ethereally. This lesson is not just for gardeners or Nature lovers but is for each of us in every aspect of our being.

“Don’t try and prove your love for someone just to get their attention and praise. If you truly want to be respected by someone there can be no conditions, no expectations or other attachments involved. Your actions need only show that you can survive both with and without that person. That is, first and foremost to simply be the authentic You in openness and honesty to Your-Self. Love will be returned to you by others only from that one single action.”

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