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My Garden
My Garden

I was listening to ‘Gardeners Question Time’ on the radio the other day and whilst it was quite interesting they used all the usual jargon, Latin names and terminology that leave me cold.  You see, like the rest of life I keep my gardening as simple as possible; plants are plants and dirt is dirt as far as I’m concerned, no need to learn all the Latin names just to grow a good looking and practicable garden.

Anyway, the thing that caught my imagination was when the presenter asked the panel of experts to define a garden in four or five sentences.   Wow, what a question, what a great blog post that would make!  My brain went into overdrive and I rattled off several versions of my definition of a garden.  Sadly all were more like a school essay than a four or five sentence summary, so I put the idea in the waste bin and moved onto something else.

I started to browse the Internet for a nature quote to perhaps stimulate my thinking and there before my very eyes was the perfect definition of a garden.  Now I don’t believe in coincidences, I prefer to believe that what we think about, we get.  Well I had been thinking about this garden description for a while now but just as soon as I stopped and let it go out to the universe, I got these words gifted to me ….

“Let me define a garden as the meeting of raw nature and the human imagination in which both seek the fulfilment of their beauty.  Every sign indicates that nature wants us and wishes for collaboration with us, just as we long for nature to be fulfilled in us.  If our original state was to live in a garden, as Adam and Eve did, then a garden signals our absolute origins as well as our condition of eternity, while life outside the garden is time and temporality.”

Not my words of course, but the words of Thomas MooreThe Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life.

Those words not only sum up a garden and nature for me but they also define my bond with them perfectly.  No fancy jargon just purity from the soul.  That is nature, that is a garden, so Thank You Mr Moore for being a guest on my blog and putting my mind to rest.

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