Turangalîla – born of two Sanskrit words: turanga, meaning time & lîla, meaning love & also the play that is life and death.

Who am I?

A paradox of all truths!

So why have I gone virtually anonymous after several years of being a (fairly) successful ‘Inner-Being/Nature Connection Guide’?

Because I got sick and tired of the amount of ‘Main Stream’ spiritual hubbub; of all the pretend to be ‘Guru’s’ and other ego based leaders of wisdom promising to lead, heal and take you to a better place in life, but at ‘price’. Their price; a price unworthy of spiritual guidance which as any genuine guide will tell you is a personal journey to be explored by the individual seeking whatever it is they are seeking. There can be no price on that!

Okay, books and tutorials are fine and dandy, up to a point. They can show you the path to discovering many answers but they can’t walk that path for you (nor can anyone else). However I’ve read many of these ‘change your life’ books and attended lots of seminars and classes on ‘how to get the life you desire’ and they have cost a small fortune with very little worthwhile or ground breaking strategies. They all say in different words the things that deep down you already knew; meditate, connect with nature, get in touch with your emotions, send out positive vibes, etc.. etc..

But the thing that pushed me over the edge to anonymity was that because of my own success some of these pretend to be ‘Guru’s’ started to contact me and wanted to do ‘business’, create more ‘imaginary spiritual wisdom’ to sell to those gullible (or *desperate) enough to buy into it.

*This isn’t spirituality and it can be a dangerous game to play. Often people who seek ‘spiritual guidance’  are really seeking other kinds of help. They often need professional medical help and may require treatment of a ‘non-spiritual’ kind.  These people are the ones who are desperate enough to ‘buy in’ because they are too scared (or embarrassed) to face the truth of their reality, of a mental or physical illnesses.

Instead of joining in this ‘business’ I now operate on a more local and personal level. Helping the people around me, the people I meet in my ‘real’ everyday life. No charge, advice is always free and for 90% of the time my advice is …..

“Go and seek medical advice.” (or other practical solutions on solving financial or relationship problems which more often than not the persons underlying problem; not spiritual but worldly. I am not a guru but I do know that there are experts out there ready, willing and able to help those who ask.

NB: I am in no way saying that all spiritual healers or guides are a  waste of time; they’re not! In fact the good ones will recognise a persons needs and guide them to the help they truly need in the ‘physical world’ as well dealing with any ‘spiritual’ needs. Unfortunately these truly gifted people are being hidden amongst the deluge of ‘pretend-to-be’s’ on social media.

Just be careful of what you seek and from whom you seek it.